arpara 5K VR头显

KS crowdfunding achieves the goal of 4 times in one hour, how does arpara AIO win overseas favor?

In a blink of an eye, 2021 is about to draw a rest. Looking back on this entire year, Meta, through the textbook-like strategy of "high-performance hardware low-price sales-content ecology to create revenue", forcibly used Meta Quest 2 to create a tens of millions of users, content camp The VR consumer market that received more than 2 billion U.S. dollars.

Such outstanding results have swept past doubts about whether VR can enter the mainstream consumer market, not only boosting the morale of the entire industry, but also making people full of expectations for the arrival of the next generation of VR hardware. Although Meta Quest 2 has achieved great commercial success, it still made concessions on parameters such as weight, size, and screen resolution. How to bring more high-definition and thinner VR hardware to consumers is precisely the entire industry. The next new goal being pursued.

The arpara AIO VR all-in-one, which has recently launched overseas crowdfunding, is undoubtedly at the forefront of exploring thin and light VR hardware.

Crowdfunding to go overseas, one-hour sales exceeded 400%

According to the news released by arpara, there are two main products for crowdfunding on the Kickstarter platform this time, namely arpara AIO and arpara 5K VR headsets.

The biggest highlight of these two devices is the use of the Micro-OLED display and Pancake light path solution. Based on this solution, the two devices can achieve a resolution of up to 5120×2560 on the display, far exceeding the 3664×1920 of Quest 2. Measured by the most relevant indicator of the sharpness of the VR device, its pixel density is as high as 3514ppi, and the number of pixels per radian reaches 38.1PPD, ensuring the best display effect of the picture. At the same time, Micro-OLED displays have excellent performance in brightness, contrast, color gamut and low latency.

The adoption of this solution not only brings top-notch display effects to the two devices of arpara, but also brings great help to the lightweight of VR devices, making VR devices more lightweight and portable than ever. For the arpara 5K VR headset, the weight of the headset is only 200g . Even with all the accessories, the weight is only about 300g. Equipped with the arpara headband design based on the principle of human mechanics, it can be worn comfortably for users for a long time. Layer insurance.

As a VR all-in-one machine, arpara AIO requires additional weight of the battery and computing unit. However, due to the post-weight design, the weight of the main unit is finally controlled to about 380 grams, which is lighter than the 507 grams of Meta Quest 2 About 25% , so as to bring users maximum wearing comfort.

Kickstarter official sales data also confirms the urgent needs of consumers for thin and light VR all-in-ones. It is reported that arpara AIO is the most popular product among consumers in this crowdfunding. It has swept 225 supporters within 1 hour, and most of the supporters are arpara AIO dual Micro-OLED, 5K resolution and 3514ppi ultra-high Attracted by the display of pixel density, but also very much looking forward to the host weight of only 380 grams.

Based on the future, challenge the technological path that is closest to the limit of human vision

The ultimate goal of VR equipment is to provide users with a sufficiently realistic and immersive virtual world . Therefore, how to "deceive" the most important human sense-the eye, is a problem that lies in front of all VR hardware manufacturers.

Arpara told us that during the initial technical research they found that to achieve "human eye-level" display effects, VR devices need to have a single-eye 8K resolution , which is an ideal goal. In terms of the current level of development of display panels, VR devices must at least achieve a single-eye resolution of 4K or higher, in order to approach the "human eye" level display effect.

To achieve a better display effect, in addition to resolution, we also need to pay attention to another very important indicator PPD (Pixel Per Degree, resolution/pixels per degree) , that is, the number of pixel particles per radian that can be seen by the naked eye. . A PPD of 60 and above means that the display effect of the picture can reach the level of retina, and the picture has no lattice feeling; the effect of PPD30-60 is equivalent to the effect of looking at the mobile phone screen with the naked eye, and it is difficult to perceive the individual pixels of the screen; and Below 30, an obvious lattice feeling will be formed, which will affect the visual experience.

Arpara believes that, as far as the current near-eye display technology is concerned, the Micro-OLED Pancake display solution it uses is the technical path that is most likely to approach the limit of human vision . Most LCD-based display technologies on the market have entered the development bottleneck. Micro-OLED and Micro-LED are emerging technologies. Although there are still many limitations such as high cost at this stage, the pixel density, brightness, contrast, response speed, power consumption and Compared with LCD in many aspects such as color gamut, it has obvious advantages, and it is expected to completely replace LCD in the future, thereby promoting the improvement of display effects of various devices.

On the other hand, the LCD display also restricts the reduction in the weight of VR equipment. Based on the screen and short focal length refolding display technology, not only arpara's 5K VR headset can achieve 1/2 the volume of ordinary headsets, but also the arpara AIO VR all-in-one machine. The volume is also significantly smaller than other brands of equipment, and the weight is also greatly reduced.

In addition, the reduction in the size of the device may also bring more challenges such as the spatial arrangement of the tracking camera and the heat dissipation capacity. Arpara said that its Arpara AIO VR all-in-one 4-camera 6DoF spatial positioning solution uses a monochrome, low-resolution sensor. , The power consumption and performance burden is very small, and the camera is arranged in the four corners in the front, even in the case of small size, there is enough space for arrangement, and the fov recognition range of 6Dof is not reduced due to the control volume; in terms of heat dissipation, arpara AIO adopts an active heat dissipation method, with creative air duct design and fins, which can control heat well.

It is precisely because of the "human eye-level" display effect that arpara has taken a completely different route from other VR all-in-one machines. At the moment when many brands continue to try to lower the sales price of VR hardware and compete for the consumer market at low prices, arpara The “lifting high” is aimed at the global mid-to-high-end and high-end VR user groups, and differentiates itself from other brands through market segmentation. And this part of the player group is better in terms of VR use frequency and consumption ability, and is more suitable for start-ups to enter. In the future, arpara will always proceed from the needs of users and continue to introduce the best experience and cost-effective VR hardware.

Ecological development, the entrance of "Meta Universe" is ready to go

As the most popular vocabulary this year, Metaverse shows the ultimate vision of mankind for the future of science and technology. But how to achieve this ultimate is also everyone's concern.

According to arpara, there are two power points leading to the meta-universe-the interactive system and the economic system . The interaction system includes the improvement of the spatial dimension of human-computer interaction , and the creation of a new multi-dimensional interactive experience in addition to sight and hearing, such as touch, smell, taste, and even heart rate and emotion ; and the economic system includes three major blocks , namely digital The most basic creation is the creation of virtual avatars and virtual items. In addition, there are various experiential services in the physical world that cannot be migrated to the Internet, such as VR conferences, VR escape rooms, and VR script killing. All these digital creations exist objectively and are also the first element in the meta-universe economic system .

The second is the exchange, sale and protection of digital assets. The underlying platform is constructed through the mechanism of copyright protection of digital assets and cross-platform circulation, which in turn constitutes an asset chain for the protection and transaction of digital assets;

Finally, there is regulation of taxation . Just as regulation and freedom in the physical world are unified, the virtual digital market can be governed well only with good regulation, and regulation also means the establishment of a taxation system;

On the other hand, Metaverse also needs to realize the function of visualizing and quickly creating content in the underlying basic logic system. This requires not only the empowerment of basic hardware, but also the development of SDK, engine support and visual editing technology. In addition, Metaverse also needs to provide a wealth of general-purpose functions at the infrastructure level to make creation more convenient and truly realize the logic of production and consumption. Only by allowing users to create content freely, can there be a steady stream of high-quality new content, allowing the meta-universe ecology to enter a benign self-growth.

Arpara's goal is to make its VR hardware the entrance to the meta-universe. This goal not only requires excellent hardware as a cornerstone, but also depends on the development of the content ecology. arpara is actively expanding its content ecology. In the future, more than 100 VR games will be added to its content platform. At the same time, it also plans to connect to Viveport to provide users with richer content options. In addition, arpara's meta-universe content strategy is the focus of The most important is its self-developed virtual social platform-arparaland.

The ultimate goal of arparaland is to create a human meta-universe. In the next ten years, at least 100 million people will live in a virtual world, and at least 1 million people will participate in the construction and creation of arparaland. But what should be the first step towards the meta-universe? Step out?

Arpara told us that the three application scenarios of collaborative work, cosplay and board games are the three meta-universe functional sections with the highest user acceptance. Through arparaland, users can directly move offline experience to online to achieve complete simulation, which greatly reduces the cost of experience and can also improve production efficiency. To some extent, this part of the application scenarios can be commercialized first by connecting to existing VR hardware.

“We believe that the most important feature of Metaverse is the empowerment of traditional industries. This is the focus of Arpara's entry into Metaverse, and it is also the difference between Arpara and other VR manufacturers. In our opinion, Metaverse does not need to be independent. Exist in the real world, on the contrary, it should be able to bring a more convenient and efficient experience to our real life, which is an improvement to real life."

Arpara plans to launch two scenarios at the end of this year-VR multi-person office and VR virtual space. It will increase to 21 scenes in the first half of next year and 100 at the end of next year. The UGC model will be launched in the following year to allow consumers to create themselves. Function, users can create their own virtual space and various tools through modular function codes, and can also superimpose other valuable functions with the digital assets they create.

"What will the future meta universe look like? It is difficult for us to make specific predictions, but it must be very ambitious and not an isolated existence. It is an enhancement of the real world. Users will upgrade from the experience of the two-dimensional Internet to Three-dimensional, you can not only hear sounds, but also see facial expressions, body language and subtle movements, and convey richer information. In this virtual world, people can get more efficient and lower cost, even better than the real world Experience, this is what we really want to achieve. The essence of Metaverse is the next-generation Internet. The road to Metaverse must be a marathon, which lasts for 10 or even 20 years. We must bow our heads and keep our feet on the ground. Go forward step by step."

With the arpara 5K VR headset and the arpara AIO VR all-in-one, the domestic VR brand arpara has achieved initial success in the international market, but this is just the beginning of the formal rollout of overseas layout. In the journey of human meta-universe, we also expect arpara to build an ideal world for VR consumers.